Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics



Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics has a strong following when it comes maintaining gymnastic members and family signups but they were looking to reach a new audience outside of their current membership programs. Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics added a new ninja warrior course and was looking to increase community awareness and gain new members to their traditional course selections.



Brandmint went to Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics in Webster, New York and took photos of the colorful new Ninja Warrior ropes course. We then featured these photos on their new website, Facebook campaigns and created heavily key worded articles to increase their rankings on Google.



Northern Hemisphere Gym experienced an increase in sign ups for their programs and the new Ninja Warrior coarse was an instant success.

This past Spring Brandmint helped us with a campaign that resulted in an extraordinary increase in business here at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics. After our work with Brandmint, we have been overwhelmed by the continuous amount of phone calls, walk-ins, and inquiries about our gym’s programs.
— Jill Grundman, Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics