Creative Design & Marketing Agency in Rochester, NY

The Challenge

Scalpa is a worldwide industry leading company Microblading and SMP. Within these two categories they offer products, training, and procedures. They came to us to drive the right users to a newly built website through social media marketing & pixel marketing and convert.

Our Approach

SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing • PIXEL MARKETING: RETARGETING & Conversion • copy writing
graphic design • website consulting

The website had very little traffic to begin with. We identified a unique audience and implemented a creative ad as well as a retargeting pixel to capture IP addresses and to drive uses to the website while creating social acceptance. Social Acceptance is a term used for brands who can deliver a message to users in social space in which other users are engaging and interacting with. The more users that engage the better the social acceptance which in turn leads to more click through. Once we created virality we implemented the retargeting pixel to drive users back to the website for different products, trainings, or procedures.

Wow Factor

Ad spend of $3,137 drove $33,405 in SALES with a Total ROI: 1,060%

Online Store Visits

Brandmint is a complete game changer for a company. I’ve used several advertising companies in my day and actually have built knowledge of it myself. That being said, I have dealt with no other company like Brandmint. I feel like it’s an extension of my company. A team who has got my back and is helping me keep innovating in the advertising spectrum. Getting the best bang for my buck yet keeping me competitive. It’s a no brained to work with this company if you want to dominate in your industry. This is one the keys, the find a company who has your back and keeps you on top.
— Bryce Cleveland, CEO - Scalpa
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