Creative Design & Marketing Agency in Rochester, NY

The Challenge

Scalp Aesthetics Atlanta focuses on Scalp Micropigmentation, which is a solution for male and female pattern baldness, scar concealment, alopecia, and more. They were having trouble reaching only these people and, in turn, were not receiving quality leads.

Our Approach

Pixel marketing: Conversion • copy writing • website edits

Our strategy entailed a campaign that would generate leads, increase website traffic and brand engagement, improve search rankings, and create warm audience touchpoints by showing content to the people who would benefit from this procedure.

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Wow Factor

65 leads in 90 days

We use this program for about three months now, it brings on average 8 to 10 new clients per week for consultation. It is not very expensive and it does work for our Atlanta office very good.
— Serge Bovbalan, Owner & President
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