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The Challenge

New Wave Energy provides customers in NY, PA, and OH with low cost, environmentally friendly, and reliable energy of their choice. They were battling an inconsistent brand message with an outdated website layout and interface. This meant a low number enrollments due to a website that was not optimized for it. The UX/UI was dated and the SEO strategy was non existent.

Our Approach

Website rebuild • SEO • copy writing • Graphic design


Knowing the goals of New Wave Energy made it easy for us to rebuild their website so that it was optimized for easy enrollment. We created interactive forms specific to each state to expedite the customer enrollment process. These forms allow for quick and easy changes made by the New Wave Energy team when needed. We also rebuilt their website so that it was mobile friendly with a UX/UI design which aided in increased website traffic. The final focus was the SEO strategy. Identifying key terms that would drive organic traffic in the focus regions allowed for low hanging fruit to visit the New Wave Energy website.

Wow Factor

Customer Growth

1,189 Enrollments in 30 days

brandmint_casestudy_wow_nwe_02.28.2018_nwe .png
When looking to revamp our entire marketing strategy and overhaul our website to perform with state-of-the-art functionality, we knew we had to find the best. We needed a company that could deliver a full-on marketing strategy with first class customer service and hassle-free fulfillment on all ends. We found it all with Brandmint.”
— Jim Schuster, Director of Operations
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