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An all around Social Media and Pixel Marketing training for Organizations.

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What you will learn

You’ve just posted on your Facebook business page about an upcoming event or a new product and you want to reach more people. You see the “Boost Post” button and are tempted to click it because why not? It’s an easy way to reach the right people. WRONG! Heed our warning:


Below are just four of the over 20 slides we will do hands on training for.

If you’re boosting your posts, you’re not alone. Facebook Business page managers are using this as a quick and easy way to reach more people. We will tell you why you should never boost your post again and go through a hands on course of the correct way to promote your content on Facebook (and thousands of other websites). In this two hour training, you will learn:

✔️ Why you should NEVER look at the “Boost Post” option again
✔️ Social Media Management vs. Social Media Marketing
✔️ The differences between boosting your post and using the Facebook Ads Manager
✔️ How to choose the correct objective (engagement, website traffic, conversions, etc.) for your marketing campaign

✔️ How to target the exact audience that would be interested in your content

✔️ How to create image and video content that’s going to make your audience stop and read
✔️ Pixel Marketing strategies and how they will benefit your business
✔️ How to read the Facebook Ads Manager Analytics and the most important metrics to focus on
✔️ How to implement brand consistency to make your brand feel dependable and trustworthy

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