5 Ways to Tell if Your Website has Brand Consistency


At Brandmint we provide web design in Rochester, NY to help your online presence flourish. Building your brand is a fundamental component when it comes to building your business. Your brand should be based on authenticity and should reflect who you are and what makes you compelling to your target audience. Further, your brand should create a story that connects your clients to the products and services you provide and ultimately your web design should complement and feature your brand with a narrative throughout your website that engages visitors. Our web design in Rochester, NY is sure to give your website a cohesive, quality look that will give your visitors a lasting impression.

You may know that you should mesh colors, fonts, words, and layouts within your website and avoid a noisy, cluttered and overdone website, but how? Here are 5 tips to ensure that you create brand consistency within your web design.


Every color evokes emotion. It’s essential that the colors you choose for your web design are those that will positively affect the visitors' experience. According to color theory, people generally decide whether or not like they like a product within 90 seconds or less and up to 90% of that decision is based solely on color. You can see how crucial picking our your websites color scheme is! A good first step is to determine the primary and secondary colors you plan to use within your website and then to integrate them. You can then use accent shades, based on those primary and secondary colors, for areas on your site such as navigation and links. It’s important that you keep your color scheme sharp and clean and avoid a distracting and unfocused impression.


You’ve worked hard to establish your brand and create a logo that is a mixture of professionalism and personality which accurately represents you are as a business, but now you need to place it within your site in an optimal way. It’s more likely for your website visitor to remember your logo if it’s placed in the top left corner of your site, as most commonly people read left to right. Although it can be beneficial to place your logo in the center, or maybe in the top right corner remember that visibility outweighs originality.


It’s natural to want to feel like you need to fill in the blank, whitespace that seems to take up a lot of your website. In fact, though, whitespace can boost attention and comprehension of visitors to your site. Our eyes are prone to overstimulation and by harnessing the power of whitespace you are allowing your users' eyes to breathe. Oversaturating your site with words and graphics can make your site too busy and as a result, will deter visitors from remaining or returning to your site. Increasing white space will increase legibility and by balancing white with visuals on the website you give off an organized and polished feel!


No one wants to land on your website and get the impression that your site is simply a place for them to be marketed to. You want your site to be an experience for the visitor and therefore personal details are a must. Consider adding a mission statement to your site, tell the user what you’re about and how you can enhance their life through your products and services. Make sure your mission statement is concise and specific, help them feel your authenticity and promise to deliver. Beyond the mission statement, add a testimonials section to your site for a personal touch. Customers love and trust word-of-mouth marketing and hearing peer reviews. It’s much more relatable to hear how a customer loved the product versus hearing it from the company who designed and sells the product. Always remember to get client’s permission before sharing though.


First things first, your website needs uniformity when it comes to fonts. Too much variety is no good and is impractical for visitors. You can provide a visually pleasing site by choosing 2 fonts that compliment each other that can be used throughout the entire website. Remember, avoid quirky fonts that are too out there. If you can’t read the fonts, neither can your visitor and that’s a guaranteed way to get them off your site.

In short, consistency and clarity are key. At Brandmint we specialize in web design in Rochester, NY and are happy to provide you with the website of your dreams that will optimize your business. We provide web design in Rochester, NY that balances your website in all aspects - from major elements to the minor details.