UI/UX 101: The Need to Know Basics

Do you think your website is functional and appealing to your customers? Chances are, it is either lacking the functional aspect or the appeal aspect, or possibly both! Today, in order for company websites to be successful, they must create a good experience for the user by being both easy to use and satisfying to the eye. These two aspects are part of UI/UX, User Interface and User Experience, that we use for Web Design. UI/UX can be difficult to understand, but that’s why we’re here! First, let us briefly explain what User Interface and User Experience are:

UI Design (user interface)

When you think of User Interface, think of graphic design. UI is responsible for using strong visual assets to guide the user through the website. Graphic/visual presentation is important for initially hooking your customers, making them want to interact with the rest of your site and potentially investing in your company/product. 

UX Design (User Experience)

User Experience design is a process in web design in which the goal is to make sure the customer has greater satisfaction and contentment interacting with the product. This is done by making the interaction between the customer and the product easy and full of clear quality. In order to ensure the user is having the best experience possible while interacting with a company’s web design, we are continually investigating, prototyping, testing, and analyzing your website. 

how ui/ux work together

UI and UX are crucial to one another. Your website might look great, but could be difficult to navigate, indicating strong UI and weak UX. On the other hand, your website looks awful but is easy to use, indicating strong UX and weak UI. It is crucial that your website is strong in both User Interface and User Experience or you will not get the results that your company needs and desires. Luckily, Brandmint can build or rebuild your website to incorporate UI/UX and ensure growing results. Does your website have powerful UI/UX? If it doesn’t follow the above, you may need to make some changes. Let the most reliable web design team in Rochester, NY build or rebuild your website and make sure you have the most modern UI/UX Design.

benefits associated with UI/UX Design:

  • Drives more traffic to your site so it is crucial to Search Engine Optimization

  • Users interact with and spend more time on your site

  • Successfully and clearly communicates your message to your users

  • Customer loyalty: if the customer has a good experience with your site, chances are they are more likely to stick with you. Over 80% of users are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

  • Increases conversion

  • Helps to identify your audience and goals