Storytelling Through Your Brand

Digital Marketing in Rochester, NY

Building a brand is no joke.  The very structure of it is dependent on multiple factors that comprise its DNA.  At Brandmint, we tend to think of brands as people, or at least entities with personalities, backgrounds, and futures.  Each of the elements are meant to tell a story in one way or another. Defining each aspect of your brand is critical in regards to overall success.  Making sure each component aligns itself with the next in one way or another allows for everything to be super connected.

Starting off

If you’re starting from the ground up, you have to consider the basics.  What is your message? What will your color scheme be for collateral? What are your end goals?  How frequently will you post on social media? Beyond this foundation, everything else will fall into place.

The (not so) hard part

However, your job is to tell a story.  Your story is something that your audience needs to be able to understand.  Depending on your industry, this will look a little different for everybody.  Consider the marketing team at Brandmint expert storytellers. We specialize in conducting a thorough analysis of your brand that involves several personalized steps.

Your ultimate message

Once you have a plan set in place, then comes the fun part.  The implementation of everything is designed to best represent the message you have chosen to deliver.  The portrayal of each component of your brand should be clear, cohesive, and seamless. Your intended audience should know exactly who you are, what you stand for, and the value your product or services hold.

The approach

There are a few ways to go about expressing your brand to the world, and mainly to your audience.  For example, if your customers are primarily younger people who engage with social media on a more frequent basis, your tactics are going to be more focused around this.  If your client base is older, print media and events might be more their style.

Think of everything on a spectrum

From the copy you write, your curated social media content, and your advertising techniques, everything will be on some type of spectrum.  This spectrum involves the type of language and images you’ll use, and the mood you want to construct. It helps to think of descriptive words that you feel best represent your brand.  Building a mood board can help you truly characterize your brand and visualize a multitude of your goals to portray to your audience.

The results

Measuring the success of your storytelling endeavors will become more obvious over time.  Your customers will become pretty frequent, and their overall happiness will become the indicator of your ultimate success.  If you’ve done everything right, your vision will be translated and thoroughly understood by the people who you are serving.

Change is good

Your brand is likely to change at least somewhat overtime just as you, your customers, and their needs do.  Through analyzing feedback, success of campaigns and other guiding principles, you will be able to evolve in the best way possible by knowing what angle to take on certain problems from.  Ultimately, change is good and you will get used to making decisions and learn what will be most effective for your brand through the help of the marketing experts at Brandmint.