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What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of directing more traffic to your website through the use of keywords. Popular search engines such as Google and Bing collect information about every page on the internet in order to help people find whatever they are searching for. When your website has posts and content containing specific keywords that potential customers are searching for on Google, Bing, etc, your website is more likely to be one of the first recommendations listed. 

Think about it, whenever you use Google to look for a service or product, you only venture through the first few sites that it recommends to you and end up choosing one of those companies to do business with. Nobody has the time or patience to go through multiple Google pages so you need to make sure that your website is a top search result. 

Search Results

A major part of SEO is search results. If you own a website, search results are crucial and correlate to your business performance. Think of it this way: search results equal sales. Without SEO you aren’t going to get the results you need and your business will not attract as many customers. The higher your website is on the list of a search engine’s results, the more traffic you get to your site and the more likely a customer is to invest in whatever your company has to offer. At Brandmint, we know exactly how to drive more traffic to your site and improve your rankings on search engines. Trust us to transform your SEO needs.

How can I tell if my SEO is improving?

Here at Brandmint, we put our money where our mouth is. We send SEO results that show that the keywords we are using are relevant by showing where they rank on Google. To go even further, Google Analytics can show you how much traffic your site is getting. We make sure to improve your search rankings and increase awareness of your site on search engines, give you professional recommendations for keywords to use that will benefit your brand, and provide monthly, and most importantly, relevant content containing those keywords. 


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