5 Reasons You Should be Doing SEO!


Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords are two beneficial marketing channels that you may have considered implementing into your digital marketing campaign. At Brandmint we offer services for SEO in Rochester, NY that are guaranteed to help your business rank higher while generating leads and increasing your brand exposure and website traffic.

As a refresher, search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your site within search engine results through organic methods. Basically, when a user searches for keywords applicable to your business you will rank higher in the results and because SEO is an organic method. This means you’re doing so without the use of paid ads.

This brings us to the benefits of SEO over Google AdWords:

1. It’s essentially free!

SEO doesn’t use paid advertisements to increase your ranking in search results, but rather SEO focuses on optimizing the quality and quantity of your content through keywords, links, and other technical aspects. Vice versa, with Google AdWords, the cost-per-click rate averages between $1 and $2 and can cost up to $50 per click for large, competitive firms (generally law and insurance). These firms can spend up to $50 million/year through AdWords. While small businesses usually spend on average $10,000/month with AdWords that still adds up to $120,000 annually.

2. Maximum content visibility

The intent of search engine optimization is to get your content in front of users who are looking for the goods or services you provide. SEO ensures that your website is relevant and that your desired market will find it. Google AdWords is designed for Google sites and websites that use Google AdSense while SEO principles are applicable for all search engines. In short, there’s no limitation to the visibility of your SEO content.  

3. Authentic advertising approach

AdWords emphasizes placing your paid ads at the top and bottom of the search results given after the user enters a search query. This may seem beneficial, but with SEO your site appears in places where users will actually interact with, a much more authentic approach. In reality, users are aware of where ads are placed and have mastered avoiding certain areas on sites proving that a more genuine approach can provide benefits you’d be missing out on with AdWords.

4. Sustainable digital marketing presence

Many businesses will implement AdWords because it can yield results immediately and can generate leads based on demographics almost instantly, but the downfall is when you stop your AdWords campaign your traffic also stops. With SEO, although it may take longer and you may have to work harder to rank higher, your growth is organic and long-term. You can use AdWords for quick traffic, but SEO is necessary for sustainable online success.

5. Availability of feedback for adjustments

At Brandmint we are results driven and provide you with a client dashboard which allows you to view detailed results of your rankings allowing you to continuously watch the progression of your SEO campaign. Brandmint also relies heavily on analytics, keeping us accountable and allowing us to make adjustments to keywords as necessary to ensure your SEO campaign is as successful as possible.

We at Brandmint are committed to equipping you with the SEO in Rochester, NY that will yield results for your business.

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