Good Products and Services Can’t Sell Themselves

You've been putting money towards your Facebook social media ads either through boosting your post 🙄 (If you're trying to gain leads you're wasting your money!) or by campaigning. You've got a bunch of people interested in your business but no one is buying 😭. Why? Your product is amazing, your service is superior, what is going wrong?

Missing Your Mark

First, let's think about your customers. What do they do? Where do they live? What are their interests? The more you know about who you want to target the easier the sales process will be. Keep in mind your ideal customer, may not be the same as your actual clientele.

Now, take a look at the leads you're receiving. Do they reflect the values of your customers? If so, they are a qualified lead. The number of leads is not as important as finding people that are truly interested in your product or service. To increase the number of quality leads you must focus on targeting. Identify your target market through the Ads Manager on Facebook or use a tracking pixel 👾 to convert site visitors to leads. This is one of the reasons why boosting your Facebook post isn't a good way to drive leads, targeting is limited which can make more work for you when it comes to closing a deal. Don’t worry, there are a few marketing agencies in Rochester, NY that can help if your social media marketing skills aren’t at professional level just yet 😅.

First Impressions

At this point in the process, your goal is to gain trust and get information about your lead. You can do this by creating cohesive marketing materials.

Whether it's a landing page or a social media advertisement, It is important to look at the message you are showing your potential customers. Content should be clear, engaging, and relatable to your target audience. Your message should intrigue people and make them want to learn more.

Use one website landing page to gather information for your leads with an easy to fill out form.

Keep distractions to a minimum by having your developer remove the navigation or any links that may move viewers off the form page.

Strategically use imagery and copy to inform visitors of your business enough so they are educated but not overwhelmed. This will help weed out those who are not actually interested in a purchase before you collect their information.

Collect and Connect

The form on your landing page should give you all of the necessary information to later make a call and connect 🤝 with your potential customer. Be sure to include a preferred method of contact, this can increase the responsiveness of your leads.

Forms can also be used in your vetting process. For example, if your product is for people 21 and over, ask for the date of birth.

Track all of your lead submissions. For small operations start an Excel document or Google Sheets, for more intricate models, have your developer zap your form to automatically save information or try a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Forms are a great way to keep track of each lead within the sales process. Many marketing agencies in Rochester, NY can be a great resource with setting up a proficient CRM strategy for your company to ensure the right people are attained and connected.  


Time is Money

A mistake a lot of businesses make is not contacting leads right away. Nowadays, people are used to instant service and failing to reach out within 24 hours if not immediately can be seen as a lack of attentiveness or poor service.

If you are unable to keep up with responding to the number of leads you are acquiring, GREAT, this is a good problem to have. Try using a CRM with an automated response system to lessen the burden. Keep in mind the preferred method of contact; send an SMS text message 📲, email 📧, call or leave a voicemail ☎️ to give them more information about your business and show your value. If by chance you are drowning in leads, try hiring marketing agencies in Rochester, NY.

Some services and products will take longer to close than others. If what you are selling is a commitment, having long-term financial or physical effects, it will take more effort to close than one phone call. Stay in touch with your leads by giving them a reliable way to contact you.

Selling Gets Personal

When you're communicating with your lead, listen first then sell. Record any valuable information in your lead form, giving your pitch a more personal touch. If you see a pattern within your leads this may be useful for future targeting. The same can be said with negative patterns, learn from your mistakes and make adjustments.


In short, the lead process is ongoing. Be ready to keep detailed notes, listen, learn and make adjustments. 😄