How to advertise your business on Facebook

You’ve been using Facebook for a while now for keeping tabs on your friends and family, posting the latest photo of your dog and RSVPing “No” to the upcoming MLM party your high school friends keep inviting you to. It’s fun–but with Facebook net worth being BILLIONS of dollars, there has to be a way to get a slice of that pie.🥧

Pages v Profiles 💥

If you own a business, creating a Facebook Business Page is the first step to promoting your business on Facebook. This is not to be confused with a Facebook Profile, your personal Facebook page. You’ll want to use a Facebook Business Page rather than a Facebook Profile because a Business Page is optimized to reach a larger audience, turn a profit from your posts 💸, and gain audience insight 👀. If you’ve accidentally created a personal Facebook Profile for your business, don’t worry it can be fixed!

Use your business’ name to create your official Facebook Business Page to help direct the most traffic to your page. There is a chance someone else in the world of Facebook might have the same business name as you, this is okay. Don’t take this as an opportunity for creativity. Save that creative energy for your weekly well-crafted, brand-focused posts.

Next, you will need to pick two images for your Facebook Business Page that best represents your company. We suggest using your logo for the profile picture and a photo that shows what your business in action for the banner image.

Keep in Touch ✉️

Depending on your business you may have a different call to action in mind. We suggest, along with having a phone number, address, and business description in your About Section, also include a link to your website.

In this digital age, people are used to immediate results, and customer service is no exception. Set up Facebook messenger as an additional way for customers to contact you with their questions. Like your business line or email, checking your Facebook Business Page should be done regularly. Download the Facebook Messanger App and turn on notifications to get alerts everywhere you go. If you can not answer your messages right away you can turn off messages, set up an away message, and a welcome message to help with frequently asked questions. Answering right away goes beyond common curiosity, your responsiveness rating will show on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Messenger does not replace responding to customers’ comment. Respond with your thoughtful message in a timely manner. Your comments and posts are public and will represent your brand’s voice to your visitors.

Menu 🍽

If you have a restaurant, food truck or catering business add a menu to your Facebook Page to boost sales. To add a menu go to your About Section, under More Info click Add Menu. Here you will be able to upload a PDF to your Facebook Page.

Facebook Shop 🛍

For any E-Commerce driven business, adding a Facebook Shop can greatly enhance the sales process. This new Facebook feature allows customers to make their purchasing decisions effortlessly on their favorite social media platform.

When on your Facebook Page look for the Shop button. If you do not see this option you may need to change your Page Template under the Settings tab. Set up Shop by inputting your business name, contact information, currency and state tax registration number. Add products to your shop with photos/videos, product descriptions, shipping options, size and color variations. Products can be organized into categories to help Facebook users browse. Once you have added products, your shop will become public on your Facebook Page.

Increase your Likes 👍

Build trust with future followers (and customers) by inviting current customers to like your business page. Engaging with those customers that already know your business will strengthen current relationships and inspire others to like and follow your brand.

Use Facebook Page Insights to better understand your audience. See how many people your posts reach, how many people have called your business through Facebook, and how many visitors have virtually checked-in to your store with a Facebook post. If you want to reach a larger audience or target a different demographic, try building out a Facebook Campaign.

Facebook will recommend that you boost your post, DON’T DO IT. If you are going to spend the money, time and energy on Facebook advertising you are much better off using the more advanced tools found in the Facebook Ads Manager for a campaign.

Once you have at least 100 followers you can create a Lookalike Audience to campaign your posts to a similar group of people and gain even more followers!