How Effective is Facebook Advertising?

You have a lot of options when it comes to promoting your business with digital marketing. Social media marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and pixel marketing, are just a few of the services that we offer. So why choose Facebook marketing to be apart of your digital marketing mix? 🤔 There are some key advantages to advertising on Facebook but before you consider the advantages it is important to understand how a Facebook campaign works.

Facebook Advertising Objectives:

To understand if Facebook Advertising is effective 💰 for your business, you must first figure out what the goal of your campaign is to see if it aligns with Facebook’s marketing objectives. Facebook marketing is optimized for 3 campaign objectives, if you’ve heard of the AIDA model this may look familiar. We’ve made it easier to understand Facebook’s advertising objectives and have broken them down into statements. Which of these three statements fits your digital marketing goal?

  • I want people to recognize my brand

    • This goal is perfect for new businesses or companies looking to grow their current customer base. Improve brand recognition of your business through an Awareness Campaign.

  • I want to increase interest in my business

    • Perfect for brands with a following that have a new product or service. Build interest and curiosity with a Facebook advertising Consideration Campaign.

  • I want to viewers to take action!

    • People know and understand your business. Get them to take the next step by making a purchase, filling out a form or attending an event with a Conversion Campaign.

Measuring Up:

Facebook measures the success of each campaigns depending on which objective you chose. Your personal campaign goal must align with the Facebook objective you select in order to be effective. Using your new digital marketing campaign objective, choose the measurable goal most important to you.

  • Awareness

    • Quality over quantity views  

      • Get more views from people who are most likely to be interested in your business with Brand Awareness as your digital marketing goal.

    • The more people that see my ad, the better!

      • To get the maximum people to view your ad use Reach as your Facebook campaign goal.

  • Consideration

    • Get them to click!

      • Send the most people to your website, app or Facebook Messenger by focusing on Traffic.

    • I want to see comments, likes and share.

      • Get people to interact with your digital marketing campaign post when you choose Engagement.

    • Get people to download my App

      • App Installs- Increase digital downloads and traffic to the App Store and Google Play with App Installs as your goal.

    • Watch my video

      • If you measure success by the number of people who have seen your video choose Video Views.

    • Find me more customers

      • If you want to find more people interested in your business and collect their information for future sales try Lead Generation.

    • Get leads to reach out to me

      • To get interested people to connect with your business use Messages as your Facebook advertising campaign goal.

  • Conversion

    • Close the deal

      • Use Facebook’s Conversions to drive website sales, form submissions, or other desired actions on your website, app or in Facebook Messanger.

    • Make digital catalog purchases

      • For business that have set up an online catalog, targeting users with your catalog can increase revenue with Catalog Sales.

    • Increase foot traffic

      • Business that do not have a need for an online shop but want to increase sales should set their goals for Store Visits to get people to visit your store front.

Other items to consider

Now that you’ve determined your goals according to Facebook’s goals and objectives, there are a few other items to consider when choosing to campaign on Facebook.

  • Ad Placement
    You have four options when it comes to placement when advertising through Facebook. You can choose to campaign ads on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Audience Networks. Audience Networks includes third-party sites and apps outside of the Facebook network.

  • Targeting
    You can target viewers based on demographics, interests and behaviors. The better the targeting, the more effective your Facebook advertising campaign will be.

  • Quality
    No matter the placement, your ads are only as good as the content shown. Keep your branded content tailored to your target audience with a clear call-to-action.

  • Budget
    Your budget is directly related to how many people see your ad and how many times they view it. The average cost-per-click differs between industries due to competition, so some industries are more lucrative than others.

Trial and Error

Maybe you’ve created a Facebook campaign before and it hasn’t worked ⚠️. There is not an exact science to creating an effective Facebook campaign. Facebook is constantly tweaking and updating their process and so should you! See what might have gone wrong the first time and what improvements can be made.