Hey Rochester! Too soon to recap 2015?... We don't think so.

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In early February, Brandmint went through a major rebrand causing some confusion for customers, friends, and family. It went as smoothly as it could have and know that it was the best decision for all parties involved. Thank you to our customers that remained loyal. It can only go up from here!

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We're happy to have welcomed a new member to the team, Curran Tryka. Curran understands how important it is to focus on the "WHY." Not what you do but "WHY" you do it. He is passionate about his work and we couldn't be more pleased with his efforts thus far! He will undoubtedly continue to be a great asset to the team!

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We marked a new milestone representing 25 customers. Time for a celebratory beer!

25 client milestone


...Ah yes, May. When one fighter brought three best friends (Jason Guck, Shane Prince, and Louie Maier) together to push a movement that a handful of hockey mothers started. The President of Brandmint, Louie Maier talks about how one little boy changed not only his life, but inspired an entire community, #CarrsCrew. Patrick Carr, also known as #lilfighter was more than a fighter. To call him a warrior simply doesn't describe him well enough. He is an icon for the word fight. Louie says "Legacy is an understatement as to what he accomplished in his short life. He touched the hearts of so many." Louie adds, "You know someone has made a huge impact in your life when you are caught crying on your buddy's shoulder as the children at Patrick's school showed an outpouring of support for him." Patrick's mom Deb said with her powerful smile, "I am supposed to be the one crying, not you two. Pull it together!" Her humor allowed Louie and Shane to get a grip. Louie adds, ""Lil' Fighter", you brought so many of us together and you'll always have a special place in my heart."

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On a different note, we are happy to announce FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS's decision to give us private access to FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS tools. What that means is we spend tons of money with Facebook each month!

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Another beautiful month. Our involvement with the newly-established "Lil' Fighter" charity grows. Ottawa Senators player, Shane Prince invites Louie Maier and the Brandmint team to help campaign and operate the 2015 Puck Cancer Beach Hockey Classic. There is no better way to showcase the event than this video made by two of my good friends, Satchel and Bianca at uco.media. Rest In paradise, Patrick!


We're honored to have been asked by RPD Sgt. Justin Collins to play a role in covering a portion of digital media for his non-profit organization called the Badge of Honor Association (BOHA). This organization helps the families of fallen officers while honoring their legacy. Creative Lead, Curran Tryka built the web presence from the ground up!

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We welcome our newest addition to the team, Bethany Patton. Bethany has already been a tremendous asset to our creative team!

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Louie had the honor of speaking in front of a sold out crowd at his alma mater, SUNY Fredonia. He focused on motivating students to follow their passion and taught them to build from all the negative energy around them by turning it into something positive. 

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A new milestone... 50 clients! Cheers to two beers!

50 Client Milestone


Bring it on!

In Closing...

As 2015 comes to a close in the next couple weeks we want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and health and prosperity in the new year. Oh.. one last thing. In 2016 we ask that you make a pledge to yourself to pursue your passion as all of us here at Brandmint have!

Cheers, Brandmint!