Pixel Marketing - What It Is? Why You Should Care?

Have you ever searched something online and the next thing you know you have ads for it wherever else you browse? Ads for the product are in your social media sponsored posts and in the sidebars of other sites, you’re on? You can credit pixel marketing for that magical ad placement. Pixel marketing is the wave of the digital marketing future and by implementing pixel marketing you can transform your digital ad campaigns, optimize your website and increase online conversions. Our marketing agency offers digital marketing in Rochester, NY, but more specifically we offer services pixel marketing campaigns.

So what’s a marketing pixel?

A pixel is a fragment of code that is used to gather valuable data about website visitors, what behavior the visitors had while on the website and is designed to target the visitors with ads that are suited to their needs. Pixels are essential for measuring the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Common Pixel Types

There are 2 main types of pixels that digital marketers are currently using, conversion pixels and retargeting pixels.

Conversion pixels are pixels that track sales from your ad campaign. This will help you assess your campaign’s success.

Retargeting pixels are used to track visitors to your website and gives you the ability to send campaigns to them if the visitor leaves your site without taking the action you wanted them to take, for example making a purchase. Retargeting pixels are what is responsible for the ads you see everywhere after you searched for a specific product.

Why do marketing pixels matter?

Conversion and retargeting pixels are critical due to the vast amount of information they gather. The data collected allows you to better comprehend what your visitors want and how to better serve their needs via your marketing efforts. Further, pixels are used to continue marketing to your visitors once they’ve left your site!

Which platforms are using pixel marketing?

There are several platforms that are using pixel, but some of the most noteworthy are AdRoll, Facebook, Bing, Google AdWords and Twitter.

How can you track pixel performance?

Ad platforms grant you the ability to track and analyze the success of your paid advertisements. These reports show you how your paid ads are performing so you can determine if you’re directing your ad to the right audience and if you’re allocating the appropriate ad spend to each ad you’re running.

With conversion pixels, you will be able to review all purchase data collected in the dashboard of the ad platform you’re using.

  • Post-click refers to visitors who have clicked on your ads and made a purchase, either in the same session as a click or within a certain period of time after the click.

  • Post-view refers to visitors who have viewed an ad and did not click, however subsequently made a purchase.

For retargeting pixels, it’s vital to recognize the size of your retargeting segments to understand the number of potential visitors you can go after with your retargeting ads to get them to return to your site.

How can Brandmint help you with pixel marketing?

At Brandmint we specialize in all different types of campaigns that include pixels, making us the best choice for digital marketing in Rochester, NY. We believe pixel marketing is vital for the success of your business in 2018 and taking your digital marketing in Rochester, NY to the next level.

Our digital marketing in Rochester, NY can provide you with lead generation, brand exposure, website traffic, brand engagement, and improved search ranking through pixel marketing. We look forward to converting your website visitors into customers, so let’s get your pixel marketing campaign started!