Low-cost web design firms; do they exist?

If your on your way to building a brand new website for your business or looking for a web developer to update your current site you might be asking yourself, why are websites so expensive?! It’s true, the cost of developing a website can vary in cost and quality, but why? At Brandmint we offer low-cost solutions for web design, let’s explore how we cut costs without compromising on quality.

Hosting, Domains, and Platforms

These are the three recurring costs your company will face no matter if you build your website in-house or outsource the design work to another company. A platform is what your site is built on, a host is paying for space on the web, and a domain is a URL (brandmint.co) that drives visitors to your webpage. You need all three, although sometimes the can be bundled together. At Brandmint we use a secure external host, domain and web platform to build your website. This makes it possible to focus all of our attention on the user experience, and functionality of the website rather than worrying about issues that come with an in-house server like cybersecurity and daily maintenance.


Custom code can be timely and expensive. Even if you find a low-end developer chances are your code may break, frustrating you and making your business look like a failure. Even worse, communicating with your developer can be nearly impossible. Brandmint foregoes all of those costly problems by using customizable templates. Make no mistake, using a template does not mean your website will look like everyone else’s. In fact, most web designers build or buy their own templates to create what they are selling as custom. When we build a website we chose from a large selection of ever growing templates for the best mobile-friendly, brand-focused layout for your business and you never have to worry about it breaking.


With digital sales booming, creating an online store can be a great way to expand your business. The trouble is, not all platforms are eCommerce ready and might mean a complete overhaul of your website! Brandmint offers eCommerce integration with any site that we build whenever you’re ready to expand your business! Unlike other platforms, our catalogs can hold an unlimited number of items with multiple SKU for supply chain management and variations your customers need like size and color.


Typically, when a website has an error or needs a plugin update, a web developer will need to go into the backend of the site and make those changes. Basic maintenance is often considered an additional fee not included in the initial build-out of the site. With every website we create, Brandmint Marketing Group ensures functionality. This means links will never be broken, photos will never be missing and pages will never show 404/ Page Not Found Errors. A website build built by Brandmint will always be up-to-date and ready to take on the latest devices.


If you have a live website, you may be familiar with limited admin settings, meaning your web developer will not let you make changes directly to your website. There are two motives behind this; one they fear that you might break the site and two they want to make money. Brandmint uses third-party platforms to build and host your site. This means we do not own the platforms or your website. If you feel comfortable making changes to your website, feel free! We will grant you access to make all the front-end edits you want! Or if you would like additional help we offer one-time and value monthly edit packages that won’t break the bank.

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