Welcome to Target Practice: Facebook Style

Ever played archery? Or maybe a round of darts with friends? It’s all the same basic principle--pray and hit the bullseye 🎯. Most of the time you’ll hit around the center, the outer edges, or occasionally miss the board entirely 😬. Sometimes advertising feels the same way. You try to find new customers but they just don’t stick, or worse, you create costly campaigns with little to no results😭! You know there has to be another way to reach the right people without shooting blindly…


Let’s start with the basics: targeting. Even ad agencies in Rochester, NY know that the best advertisement can fail if it doesn’t reach the right people, at the right place, with the right message. So, how do you know who, where, and what to advertise?

First, get to know your customers if you haven’t already. We suggest to divide them into 2 pools: your average customer and your second best customer. Find similar characteristics within these groups like age, gender, careers, lifestyle, purchasing frequency, and the average amount spent on each sale. For example, if you owned a boutique, your average customer might be middle-aged women, who live in the suburbs, work, usually buy once a month, and purchase on average $80 worth of clothes. Your second best customer might be the daughters of your average customer who only buys an accessory. Even at Brandmint, we have to identify the type of customers who are interested in our ad agency in Rochester, NY. Recognizing these groups by characteristics helps us understand the needs of theses people in order to create curated messages and marketing efforts that will resonate and translate into leads.

How are you supposed to find this information to identify these groups? We recommend looking into your mailing lists, client books, at your social media likes and followers, and to dig into your sale records to understand the average price people spend and the frequency of purchases. Or simply talk to your customers and keep a tally of who you meet and their purchasing habits. In addition, stay informed with your industry and subscribe to trade journals or related news to better understand your customers. Here’s a template to organize and keep track of your customers, feel free to print it out or save this article for reference.


Want to target even better? Research your competitor’s customers. See their likes and followers online, subscribe to their email lists, and visit their locations to understand the type of people who purchase there. This might seem counterintuitive, but trust us. Learn from their mistakes and identify what gives your company an edge over your competitors--this edge, is why your customers come to YOU.

Time to Aim...Accurately 🏹

You’ve taken the time to research and really connect with your customer, now it’s time to advertise. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can create three types of audiences that will see and interact with your ads (and did we mention for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing!):


Never Miss a Target 👌

Your company is only as good as your customers, and now your marketing can be too. You don’t have to be a fancy ad agency in Rochester, NY to create and distribute advertisements. Using both Facebook Audiences and your research, you’ll be able to create advertisements that accurately reach the right people, at the right place, with the right message.

Still Need Guidance?

At Brandmint, we get small businesses; there are only so many hats you can wear in a day. Our ad agency in Rochester, NY is dedicated to work with your company to create marketing efforts that work and yield results. Contact us today and learn how to hit the bullseye every time.