BOHA & Brandmint - News Ch. 8

The Badge of Honor Association is working with Rochester based Brandmint to successfully raise awareness and funds for the families of fallen police officers across Upstate New York.

Sergeant Justin Collins from the Rochester Police Department and Badge of Honor Association, Brandmint Owner Louie Maier and Brandmint Creative Director Curran Tryka discussed the marketing initiative Monday on News 8 at Noon.  John Watson and Seana Sharpstene modeled the t-shirts and bracelets that are being sold on a new website and online store.

Badge of Honor volunteers are unpaid and work to cover a 24 county region.  There are memorial t-shirts and "BOHA 9" bracelets that honor the nine families of fallen officers that BOHA has helped since 2007.  Collins is currently traveling across the state asking officers from various departments to pose for photos wearing the gear.

For video and full article, click here.  

To check out the t-shirts and BOHA 9 bracelets, visit the new e-commerce store, click here.

You can also visit the Badge of Honor Association website, click here.

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