Brandmint Supports Blue. Do You?

Brandmint supports Blue. Do you?

We are proud and humbled to be a tiny part of a huge movement lead by RPD Sargent, Recent ESL Jefferson Award Winner, President & Founder of BOHA, Justin Collins. 

The photo below shows first responders who are a part of the Badge of Honor Association which supports families of those who have officers killed or injured in the line of duty.

We are happy to be the agency of choice to help expose their mission through photo, video, and web.

Group shot of Badge of Honor Supporters

Justin Collins' excerpt in regards to his non-profit organization and the team behind it;

"Over the past few years I was on a mission to travel the state to honor fallen officers and build my organization's team with new solid members. I wanted to surround myself with police officers on the same mission as me. While there is still work to be done, more chapters to be launched and more leaders to be discovered, we have made great progress. On January 1st we officially launched 7 new Badge Of Honor chapters in 7 counties across Upstate New York.

This is a snapshot of what police offices look like, caring individuals from various backgrounds, races and faiths. People who will put their lives on the line everyday to protect others. This is my team, each member comes with different experience level and brings something different to the organization! I am so proud and have so much respect for each and everyone of these individuals! I thank them for the time they have given to help fallen officers' families, officers involved in critical incidents and for the time they have given to this team.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my team, my Blue family. The Badge Of Honor Association."