Scroll Site VS Multi-Page Design

A scroll site or single-page design could increase website hits and benefit Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic, opposed to a multi-page design. Scroll sites are becoming increasingly popular due to user behavior along with the current layout of some of the most popular social media applications being used today. On social media applications, (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) people spend hours scrolling down their newsfeed without bouncing since they have all the information desired on an endless page. Because of this layout, users become accustom to this design and it should be considered when tailoring your website to match the style customers desire, ultimately with a scroll site. In other words, your customers will get to the desired landing page and stay on this page while finding all of the information needed, with limited time spent searching!

Multipage websites force more click-through and searching which makes users frustrated, especially when they can't find what they are looking for. Once users become frustrated with the site is when they jump back to the search engine or alternative search engine do a re-search. When users search from google or any other way for information on your business or service information it's reducing landing page traffic and SEO and Google ranking.  

Scroll site Websites


  • Quality

  • Simplicity

  • Time Saving

  • Easy Navigation

  • Low Maintenance

  • Better Website Ranking

  • High-Speed & Fast Loading

  • Higher Conversions Due to Less Steps

  • Users can easily read the "STORY" of your Website

Best for:

  • Personal Branding Sites, Resumes, Events, and Resturants

Example of a Scroll Website:


Multipage Website


  • Unlimited Amounts of Information

Best for:

  • E-Commerce, Bloggers, and Highly Technical Information

Example Multi-Page Website:

Single page websites aren't for every business but the benefits of them are increasing rapidly due to the shift in user behavior. Younger generations are accustom to accessing information timelessly and effortlessly. Your website should match this style with a scroll site.