"What's That?" Wednesday: What Makes a Good Logo?

Branding is one of the most important factors in building a successful business. If you are looking to create a logo for your new company or are looking to rebrand your existing company, here are some tips on what makes a good logo:

Your logo must be functional

To aid in functionality, your logo must be simple! Whether it is shown small on a business card or large on a billboard, it should read the same. Most logos start out very complicated and end up with a simpler version of it. The most simple logos are the most recognizable. One great example of this is the Nike logo. Swoosh!

Your logo must follow basic design rules

Simply put, it needs to look good, be well designed, and appeal to everyone. Basic design fundamentals include:

Color - Limit the number of colors used and when pairing colors, look for contrast. Colors that are too similar will look muddied when enviably printed in grayscale. Color will help bring personality to your logo but it should not carry the design.

Font - Use no more than two fonts when designing a logo and keep the text legible. More than two fonts will appear too busy. Like colors, the fonts used should show contrast, this helps improve legibility.

Space - Less is more. Need I say more?

Consistency - Use the same logo EVERYWHERE! Use the same shape, colors, and font so people can recognize it anywhere. People trust things that they know so if people can identify and remember your brand, they are more likely to use or buy from that brand.

Clarity - Everyone who is in the process of creating the logo needs to understand the look and feel that needs to be portrayed. If they aren't all on the same page, your consumer will be lost as well.

Your logo must portray your company

It must be easily identifiable and give a clear picture of what is being introduced while including all aspects of the company.

Your logo must be unique

Stand out from your competition and make your logo unique. Copying someone else logo means you are destined for failure! Unique logos are innovative and stand out from the crowd.

We are exposed to over 3,000 brands everyday. Which ones do you remember?

Renee MaistoComment