"What's That?" Wednesday: Social Acceptance

Social acceptance is a persons willingness to recognize and promote the brand. Having a brand that is socially accepted is imperative to the growth of your business. So how do you become socially accepted and what happens when you are? 

Social acceptance goes hand-in-hand with delighting customers. Delighted customers promote your brand because you have exceeded their expectations and they want to share their experience. These delighted customers have now accepted your brand. Using my example in last weeks blog, Midtown Athletic Club, I want to talk about how I became a delighted customer which led me to socially accept them. I had gone a few times as a guest but was never able to get the full experience because I would be there for an hour or two and then go home. One day I went to Midtown and the person I went with was raving about a class they took there the day before, so I decided to try it out. I continued to try some other classes and before I knew it I was a member there. Within just a few days I became a delighted customer and have now socially accepted them which is obvious because here I am talking about it for the second week in a row! The main goal is to focus on how to keep your customers happy and how to exceed their expectations. How do you get your customers to accept your brand?

So what happens when your brand is socially accepted? One obvious outcome is that your business grows…but how? These customers who have accepted your brand are your biggest assets. They will use positive word-of-mouth to promote your business and share their experiences. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising for your brand because they are coming from people who experienced your services first hand. Aside from them talking about it to other consumers, they will be repeat customers themselves.

Is your brand socially accepted?

                             **One happy customer will tell an average of nine people!**

                            **One happy customer will tell an average of nine people!**

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